• Miyara Miwa
    A Lady Samurai, back in Nippon after years spent in the west.
  • Phoebe
    A shaman who talks with spirits.
  • Mehli Tashonai
    A disgraced sea elf wandering the world. Logs by her player, Martyn.
  • Anthony Tagliaboschi (Tony)
    The Last Company Man. Logs by his player, Mike G. Plus links to additional information.
  • Ravenna (deceased)
    A Healer monk of the order of Bianca
  • Miyara Kyosuke (deceased)
    Miyara Miwa's cousin and fellow warrior, although of a different tradition. Logs by his player, Martyn.
  • Timekeeping in Nippon
    Naming the hours and the months; a reference for the travelers in Nippon.
  • Calendar of Events In Nippon
    An attempt at figuring out when things happened since we left the west.
  • Who's Who
    Quick description of those who are traveling together
  • The Rules of Gavin
    A quick how-to, mostly GURPS 4 rules with some notes.